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 Photography Studio Lighting Kit

4 Light Bulb Umbrella Muslin 3 Backdrop Stand Set


What is included?

(1) Background Support Stand Kit

(1) Carry Bag for Background Support Kit

(2) 33" Black Silver Photo Umbrella

(1) 33" White Transparent Photo Umbrella

(2) soft lighting boxes

(4) 7Ft Compact Light Stand

(1) 6 x 9 ft Black Backdrop Screen

(1) 6 x 9 ft Green Backdrop Screen

(1) 6 x 9 ft White Backdrop Screen

(4) US Standard Single Bulb Socket

(4) 45W High Fluorescent Lamp

(1) Oxford bags


Best Selling Kit, Full Set $99 

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Essential kit for Successful Photographers






-26-page photography magazine template
-PSD design (digital files only)
-fully customizable
-instructions included
-compatible with Photoshop CS or later & Photoshop Elements
-link to free fonts
-can be used digitally with Adobe Acrobat or Preview.


Professional Lightroom Presets

Professional Lightroom Presets

Some photographers are like magicians. They can take an otherwise dull and lifeless image and magically transform it into a an exciting work of art! One way to achieve that is through Lightroom Presets, a quick and easy way to add some pop to your images. ,This bundle you'll get yourself 450 Lightroom Presets to create your own masterpieces. Easy to install, these presets cover 10 unique categories from Pinhole Pro to Underwater Photography. Act now and get the entire collection.

All in One Bundle Only $39


Get in touch:

E-mail:  store@victoriastudio.net

Canada Studio: Unit 12, 1321 Blanshard St #301, Victoria, BC V8W 0B6, Canada  778-4028280

US Studio: 1002 N West St #1200, Wilmington, DE 19801, United States


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